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Emotet What Does It Do?


Emotet was once described as the “world’s most dangerous malware“, by Europol. Security researchers first discovered the malware as a banking trojan in 2014. What is Emotet? Emotet is a Trojan that is spread through email, that could contain a…

5 Most Dangerous Malware Threats

Malware threat

Malware is constantly changing and becoming more advanced and harmful.Cybercriminals will do whatever it takes to access a computer system and handle sensitive data. 1. Clop Ransomware One of the deadliest computer risks is clop ransomware, which may start or…

Malware what is it, and how to stay protected?


What is Malware? Malware (short for “malicious software”) is any program designed for malicious intent and used to exploit vulnerabilities, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a system or a computer network. Malware can delete your files, steal your personal…